LR2 Transfer Case



Product Description

Land Rover LR2 Remanunfactured Transfer Case.  Land Rover part #LR010349DPSAlr2 transfer case lr010349dpsa

There are few LR2 transfer case remanufacturers that can provide a product to meet factory specifications and manufacturer’s warranty.  Centurion Differential USA was created just to fill that need and provide a fair and professional level of service to the Land Rover Owner. Our remanufactured LR2 transfer cases have all new internal parts. We would recommend that your mechanic contact us directly and we will coordinate the project with him.

Our fully re-manufactured transfer cases are better than original for the following reasons; The units are completely stripped, cleaned, and machined where necessary. They include new gears and seals. The new gears are stronger, longer lasting and run quieter than the original gears. All bearings and seals are new high quality products. These are high grade bearings, not made in China and come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Transfer Cases have a $300 core charge.