Land Rover Differential

Sound of a failing Land Rover differential

When you hear that dreaded low growl from your Land Rover rear differential or front differential it is time to consult with your favorite mechanic. If you are lucky your growl can be fixed with a quick flush of the fluid, but for most it will be the sign of a failing differential.  You now have to make some tough and potentially expensive decisions.  The purpose of this page is to provide you with a description of your options so you will be better equipped to make an informed decision.

So Now What Do I Do?

There are two significant parts of the decision you are about to make; a)  The quality of the parts you purchase and perhaps more importantly, b) the knowledge of the mechanic you use to install the parts.  Our experience has been that the cost of the parts will vary from $700 to $5,000 and the time for a mechanic to install your parts will be from 5 to 20 hours.  As you choose your technician do not forget to consider his experience, tools, and labor rate.

For a list of Independent Land Rover shops near you please visit Rover-Service-Network.   Of course, you always have the choice to use your nearest Land Rover Dealer.LR3 Front Differential

Your choices for a Land Rover rear differential will include the following:

1.  Purchase a used Land Rover differential from a salvage vehicle.

2.  Purchase a remanufactured Land Rover differential.

3.  Purchase a new Land Rover differential.

The costs and issues involved with each of these choices are discussed below.


Purchasing a used Land Rover differential from a salvage vehicle

Within the US there is a large network of salvage yards that can provide almost any car part you can imagine.  Various sites such as can provide a ready source to a specific part and its location.  The major consideration with this decision is the indeterminable wear and tear on the used part you purchase.  Be careful that you are not just replacing your problem with another.

Purchase a remanufactured Land Rover differential

There are few Land Rover differential remanufacturers that can provide a product to meet factory specifications and warranty it for 18 months.  Centurion Differential USA was created just to fill that need and provide a fair and professional level of service to the Land Rover Owner.  Our remanufactured Land Rover differentials have all new internal parts.  We would recommend that your mechanic contact us directly and we will coordinate the project with him.Freelander Rear Differential

Our fully re-manufactured differentials are better than original for the following reasons;

The units are completely stripped, cleaned, and machined where necessary. They include new gears on the rear units. The new gears are stronger, longer lasting and run quieter than the original gears. All bearings and seals are new high quality products. These are high grade bearings, not made in China.
Our units include an 18 month unlimited mileage manufacturer warranty.

To compare remanufactured priced to new prices here is your link if you need a remanufactured locking rear differential for a 2005 LR3 HSE with a list price of around $2,000.


Purchase a new Land Rover differential

This option is the most expensive choice, but for those of you that can afford it you should consider this path.  Here is your link if you need a new locking rear differential for a 2005 LR3 HSE with a list price of around $4,000.