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Centurion Differential USA – About Us

Centurion Differential is a sister company of British 4×4 Outfitters. We specialize in providing top-quality differentials for your Land Rover. Centurion Differential USA is proud to announce that we are the sole distributor of Land Rover differential products for Centurion Gearbox & Diff Centre. Centurion Gearbox & Diff Centre was established in 1999 with their main aim of service excellence linked to the right product for the end market. Centurion Gearbox & Diff Centre has become an established leader in the manual transmission, front and rear axles, automatic transmissions and transfer care remanufacturing industry. With their qualified staff and superior workmanship all products come with a manufacturer’s warranty. If you are looking for a differential for your Rover, call us today! We have the knowledge and expertise to professionally complete your Rover and Differential needs!

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